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Redux Statement


Although it is derided, suburbia is so well assimilated into the cultural lexicon of our psyche that it is now simply the acknowledged norm. There is something about these desultory expressions that make me wince. These ten images are my straight-on assessment of what is accepted between builders and buyers at a certain level in the current marketplace.


With real estate the easiest and most lucrative non-profession it is no wonder that the last great open land grab continues on unabated despite an overwhelming  acknowledgement of the negative overall impact of this kind of unrestricted development. These architect-less, culturally generic products of the developer/builder in land and property speculation are a true reflection of the manifested aspirations of our current society. 


It’s as if there has been a tacit consensus that a quasi-colonial, mindless phenotypic variant should be the chosen design that is distended and repeated ad nauseum – that the concept of the single-family detached home, the icon of the family unit, has been demographically morphed into a type that strives for the same set of floor plans and elevations that still make the garage the largest room in the house. 


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